About Cindy Lapeña

  • Author Bio: C.P. Lapeña is the author of the new fantasy novel The Amulet of Fire, the second book in the trilogy The Amulets of Panagaea. The Lost Amulets is the first book of the trilogy. As a young writer, she wrote for school publications throughout her youth. Her literary works center mainly around poetry and some short fiction, besides numerous essays and academic papers. She is an avid reader of fiction and has always dreamed of publishing novels. In 2012, she took the plunge and signed up for NaNoWriMo, completing her 50,000 words within the month, and completing the novel the next month. Before that, she had written several educational and academic texts, as well as a full-length play that won 3rd prize in the Philippines’s prestigious Carlos Palanca National Awards for Literature in 2007. Since she migrated to Canada in 2007, she has written several reviews for onrpei.ca and maintains this blog (cindylapena.com) where she shares poetry, essays, art and other random works and ideas. Cindy also maintains the website for Art ‘n’ Words Studio where she displays and sells her work. As a writing mentor and support and encourage writing among others, Cindy has created and maintains the website The Writing Pool, where she provides writing advice, grammar tips, and general writing information for writers, as well as a listing of contests and submissions for Canadian and International writers. She used to publish The Weekly Writing Post, a newsletter for writers offering writing advice, grammar tips, and contest deadlines She has also been a teacher of writing and communication and holds a Master of Arts in English Literature. She is the owner of Art ‘n’ Words Studio & Gallery,  based in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and offers private tutoring and mentorship in writing, communication skills, and art.

  • Artist and writer specializing in painting and creative writing
  • Crafter specializing in recycling materials and papercraft
  • Researcher and Author of educational texts for English teaching and learning
  • 3rd prize winner of the 2006 Palanca Award for full length play in English (“The Piano”)
  • Professional Training Consultant especially in the areas of business communication, research, production planning and design, and speech
  • Certified K-12 Teacher, Certificate 6
  • Certified Substitute Teacher
  • Associate Professor at the Tertiary Level
  • Manager with extensive experience in the areas of strategic planning, operations, project development, assessment and evaluation, and team building
  • Dancer and Choreographer, experienced in Philippine Folk Dance, Polynesian Dance, Contemporary Dance

5 thoughts on “About Cindy Lapeña

  1. hi, wow reading your accomplishments. I salute you! You have been always right to be who you are now, your new freedom and what you love and believe. I wish I could be like you. I sometimes think I am in a box, limited but someday I will know where my heart is. I am not as smart and witty like my husband. But, I know I have what it takes to be a working mother , wife, girlfriend,sister having wonderful and talented kids which is for me consider it my second career. I have simple dreams and simple wishes. I lost touch with my spiritual side which I believe is the most important part of me. Have to be focus on where I am strongest. And continue to grow inside out. I hope I will find myself.

    • Thanks, Dana. It wasn’t easy, getting to this point in life. Somehow, when you pour your whole self into what you do, you create a momentum that just keeps you going and when you let yourself be driven by that, you just don’t know where you’ll end up! Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?

  2. Hi Ms. Cindy! How are you? I’m not sure if you remember me…I was a student of yours at SSC Manila (Speech class, I think 2nd year HS) and then we were co-teachers for a while at Benilde. I’m still here…but its great to see that you’ve moved on to something bigger, better, and brighter. 🙂

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