About The Amulet of Fire

The adventure continues!

Even as Joey and Lily mourn the death of their parents, they are drawn back into the magical world of Panagaea along with their cousins, Ben and Cara, to continue their search for the third lost amulet, the Amulet of Fire.

With their friends, Tandang Langit and his loyal followers, they uncover treachery among their ranks and battle even greater forces of evil. An eerie encounter with a seer imbues Joey with the power to transcend the spirit realm, and with guidance from the elusive Maria Sinikuan, the adventurers follow her clues to recover the missing amulet.

“Where the waters bloom with flowers green
In the center of the luscious plain
In the corner where three houses meet
Where corpses of dead fires sit
Deep in the heart of the burnt-out mount
Seek the source of the dried-out fount
‘Neath the ghostly river bed concealed
Lies the Amulet forged of steel
Resting in a deep sandy mire
Lies the powerful Amulet of Fire.”