You never realize how much you’ve accomplished until you try to come up with a list of what you’ve done.

Not everyone will have a list of professional accomplishments, but everyone will most certainly have a list of things done, whether successfully or not, over the years.

Besides what we include in a comprehensive curriculum vitae, there are things we never write down and are never recognized for.

Here are some of my un-written, un-recognized accomplishments that I am now taking time to write down:

  • three wonderful children, two already accomplished in their own right
  • two marriages, both in the past tense
  • setting up a home several times over
  • creative cook
  • loyal friend (according to Marikit, and I will not deny it)
  • hard worker
  • smart worker
  • puzzle wiz (crosswords and jigsaw puzzles, in particular)
  • detaching myself from my mother
  • migrating to a new country
  • setting up a new life
  • making new friends everywhere I go
  • computer proficiency without formal training
  • putting up this webpage/blog
  • letting go

I could go on and on with this list and keep on coming up with new things to add to it, but I think the most important thing to remember is knowing when to let go. Most of us never learn how to do this, refuse to learn how to do this, or learn how to do this too late. So before it is too late, that’s exactly what I’m doing with this post: letting go.

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