365 Things to Look Forward to

I am such a manic writer and have a hard time sitting down and making myself write except when it is a specific project or job that has to be done. I have also told myself time and again to sit down and write every day…which was the idea that started this whole blog. Hence, I have come up with several ideas, among them my coffee shop guide, to keep me writing and writing and writing, to keep the creative juices flowing, and that to-do and how-to about disciplining yourself as a writer. The result? I am still a manic writer as far as creative writing is concerned.

But that does not stop me from writing, no sirree. So here I am, with another attempt at creative writing, with the object of actually completing my list of 365 things to look forward to in 365 days.

You might think today is an odd day to begin—what is so special about the 4th of June? Nothing really, and everything, actually. It is the day I am beginning another writing project, and, with the determination, persistence, and buoyancy that has kept me going all these years, the day I look forward to wrapping up my list in 2013!

So, here goes nothing and everything and all the little things in between.

Why did I pick things to look forward to? These are the little things that keep me going each day…and perhaps the same things keep other people going from day to day. Some people might call it a “thankful” list–Carol Burnett picked up the idea of a daily “thankfuls” list from Beverly Sills–3 things to be thankful for each night, before going to bed. It’s the same thing as a “grateful” list…things to be grateful for. And I must add that it’s also a “count your blessings list.” But these are things that are already there, or that have happened. These look back. I want to look forward.

I want to look forward to things that might happen, or that might never happen, but when they do happen, they become things that you are thankful for.

I want to look forward because I am the eternal optimist, no matter how pessimistic I might seem at times, because I seem to like to think of the worst possible things that could happen and prepare for those…and when they don’t happen, everything is glorious in comparison!

I want to look forward because those things give me hope.

I want to look forward because it keeps me from dwelling and wallowing in the past, even if it’s a pastime I sometimes indulge in, especially when I’m having a bad day.

I want to look forward because the future has millions of possibilities, as opposed to the past, which is all history and can’t be changed.

I want to look forward because it means another day of living! What can be better than that? Which most certainly must be my Number 1 thing to look forward to, so here goes.

1.  Look forward to a new day.

What better thing is there to look forward to than a new day? It means another day of living, another day of life, another day that you have to accomplish what you want. Another day to do things you want to do, or need to do.  A new day to let you finish something you weren’t able to complete. A new day to let you look back and see if there are amends to make or plans to make. Read a few more pages of that book, try a new recipe, clean the spare bedroom, wipe that smudge off the mirror, write a letter, send a card.

Another day to open your eyes to, no matter what time in the day, and see the sky, no matter the colour, breathe the air, no matter the odour. A new day so you know the world still exists, the earth is there, life is outside your window or your door, waiting for you to decide what you want to do.

Another day to think, breathe, feel. Another day to see people you want to see, and maybe people you don’t want to, but you’ll see them anyway–or at least, you’ll have another day to avoid them!  A new day to let you go to someone and say you’re sorry or you forgive them. A new day to let someone you know how much you love him or her. A new day to reach out and touch someone’s life.

A new day to express yourself.  A new day to try something new or savour something you like. A new day to celebrate life and being alive, even if you have to claw yourself through, one miserable inch at a time. A new day to try and get ahead from where you left off yesterday. A new day to try to learn something new. A new day to make yourself a little better than yesterday.

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