365 Things to Look Forward to – Number 25: Rent paid

25. Rent paid

Paying my rent every month has become a bit of a challenge during summer when I don’t have the income from substitute teaching and I don’t have full-time hours at the store, mainly because I can’t work the full-time hours every day, 5 days a week. As a result, I make just barely enough to pay the rent and a couple of bills and hardly anything else. There’s not enough for groceries or eating out, much less any form of entertainment. So when I do get to clear my rent, I am able to breathe a little easier, because that’s one major anxiety gone. Unfortunately, there are a couple of bills that will have to wait to be settled….

Now, I just need to pay my electricity bill and I’ll be good for another 3 weeks or so, when I’ll start worrying about my August bills and September rent. Once school starts again, I’ll be able to get substitute teaching jobs that will pretty much take care of the majority of my bills and I’ll be less stressed out….except for the upcoming concert that I need to put more work into this month.


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