Writing is good for your brain!

Don’t just think about something. Write about it. It’s good for the brain.

It doesn’t matter what you write about. It doesn’t matter how good it is.

Just a sentence a day keeps dementia away!

It’s good exercise for your fingers, especially if you type (more fingers are involved).

It’s good practice for grammar. You’ll eventually get those sentences right with practice.

It keeps your vocabulary active.

It makes you think. Thinking stimulates the brain.

It makes you remember things. One memory leads to another.

It brings back memories. Don’t just say something smells nice. Say how nice it smells. Say it’s a faint aroma that wafts in the air and reminds you the gentle fresh scent of a newly bathed baby. It’s the warm, satisfying smell of freshly baked bread just like grandma used to make.

It stimulates your imagination. When was the last time you had a fantasy and wrote about it?

It makes you read. After all, you read what you write, don’t you? And then, you’ll want to read what others have to say about what you write. Then you’ll write some more. It’s a vicious cycle.

It challenges you. If think you have nothing to write about, think again. You can write about not being able to think of something to write. That’s something to write about! When you’re done writing about not being able to write, write about other things. Write about what you like. Write about what you don’t like.

It teaches you to be observant. Write about what you see, hear, feel, taste, smell.

It expands your vocabulary. Look for the exact word to describe something. Don’t just say your desk is cluttered with stuff. Say that it is an endless expanse of treasure and trash that constantly surprises you with objects that you had forgotten you owned. The kiss you got wasn’t just nice. It could have been sloppy and wet, reminding you of your dog licking your face. Or it could have been completely titillating, creating a tingling sensation that travelled from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, and after that you felt like a marshmallow trapped within his tight embrace, warm, fuzzy, and melted like a smore straight out of the oven.

It makes you want to learn more. Every time you learn something new, write about it. Every time you think of something you’d like to learn, read about it. Then write about it. Then go ahead and do it, then write about it again!

It makes you creative. Don’t say the dog ate your homework. Say it blew over the balcony when your mom opened the balcony doors and got caught in the branches of the tall tree in your backyard. Or your father accidentally put it through the paper shredder because he thought it was one of his old files that he was disposing of.

It helps pass the time. If you have nothing else to do, write! If all the people in the world who had time on their hands wrote in their free time, there would never be an idle mind or idle hands. Nobody would be bored. And the whole world would be literate!



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