Next Best Author Round 1 voting ends June 30

Next Best Author Round 1 ends June 30. Vote here now for my first 2 chapters of The Lost Amulets!

Just a few comments from readers to give you an idea of what you’re missing!

“I liked your descriptions of the hill, from the beginning it felt like a place your not supposed to go, it felt dark and dangerous….The setting and pace is perfect, overall I liked it very much. I can’t wait to hear what happens next”

“I’ve just read your chapters and I’m thinking magic mushrooms! An interesting hill… I’ll never look at them in the same way again. Littlefolk? What a fantastic imagination you have to come up with such a creation. I liked the prologue, assuming everything in the book will hinge on the extraordinary hill. Well-written, beautiful linguistic skills and I think you could have a new world for children in your head.”

“….Wonderful set up, lots of suspense and the stakes are raised higher… I love what you’re doing. This has sort of a Gulliver’s Travels feel to it. And the fact that it draws on folklore of the Philippines makes it even more intriguing.”

“I love it. You’ve captured the brother/sister banter, child’s POV, the magic and reality of mysteries beyond with awesome characterization and description. Your style reflects the timelessness of the oral fairytale without sugarcoating. The timing, dialogue, and subsequent introduction of the King of the Hill is very well crafted and effective. I look forward to more, too!”

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