Carrying On…

I wrote this for my classmates, when one after another, notices of parents’ deaths or serious illness were posted to our group. I just had to share this for the generation of baby boomers who are going through similar experiences.

We are now all at an age when we have no choice but to face the fact that our parents are at that age when they will be leaving us, and in fact some have already left us.

It is very sad that it is one of the most common bits of news we now share.

But I believe that it is a sign that their job on earth is done, and they can finally rest in peace and grace.

I also believe that it is another thing that brings us all much closer together, sharing the same experience of bidding them farewell and taking on the title of “senior.”

I know that we all are capable of taking on the title and applying all the lessons we have learned from our experiences with them and from them, good and bad.

Some of our parents have left large shadows and larger shoes to fill but they leave with the knowledge that we are capable of taking over completely.

I, for one, am thankful for all that we have learned and all we gave grown up with.

I am thankful for having all of you as my classmates and for having known almost all of you almost as long as I have known my family.

I am thankful that, as we grow older, we find that we have more to share and more ways to share.

I am thankful that we have grown to be more accepting and more appreciative of each other and of everything around us.

I just wanted to share this with everyone, especially in the light of all the recent deaths we are experiencing because it helps me to remember to be thankful.

Your classmate,



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