A Letter to My Son, who is doing well in school

Dearest Justin

I just want to let you know how proud I am of your performance in school so far.
I know it’s your last year in high school and you will be graduating in a few months.
I hope you are able to follow your dreams and complete university education in a course that you really want to follow. I hope you continue to value learning and knowledge and always strive to learn more whenever you can, to learn something new each and every day, and to use your knowledge for the good of others.
I hope you learn more about your self and people around you, as well as the whole world around you.
I hope you gain a deeper understanding of people in general, and the people around you, in particular.
I hope you begin to understand things about life that you might not have been able to understand when you were younger.
I pray that you retain a deep and meaningful spirituality that helps you find peace, love, kindness, and forgiveness throughout your life.
I pray that you have continued to be the good, kind, loving boy you were, now that you are at the cusp of manhood. I pray everyday that you will always be good, kind, and loving; that you will always strive to understand and not judge; that you will always be open-minded, generous, and respectful of all things, living and non-living, respectful of all humans, and above all, respectful of the world around you.
Above all, I pray that, even if we never meet again, for whatever reason, you will remember that you have a mother who loves you so much she was willing to allow you to make your own choices no matter how young you were, and trust that you would learn to respect the choices others have to make, even if it meant losing a part of herself, and a huge part of her heart.

I will always and ever wish only the best for you.

With great and endless love,


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