Je suis Charlie!

Very recently, the world reeled in shock when France experienced a hostile attack in the heart of Paris, resulting in several deaths, all in retaliation against Charlie Hebdo, a satirical French publication that has made itself known for its political cartoons. It is sad when writers and artists become the objects of vitriolic attacks by people who, because of their extremist views and actions, become the subjects of satire. I find satire to be a powerful and amusing way to nudge personages who have called undue attention to themselves through socially unacceptable behaviour so that they might examine their actions and, hopefully, reconsider and modify them. Unfortunately, there are those who are poor sports and cannot accept this ribald form of criticism with a chuckle and a grain of salt. Vive la liberté d’expression! Vive la liberté de la presse! Je suis Charlie!

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