India’s Daughter: changing the attitude towards women

The violent rape of a young, progressive-minded woman in India has sparked outrage among India’s youth and provoked a much needed examination of a society that suffers from the effects of a strong and stubborn system of discrimination against women, further aggravated by extreme poverty,  domestic violence, and lack of proper education. To see real and significant change, however, the push has to come from within–from the youth who understand things can and should change; from those who have been educated and enlightened and desire change; from women who understand their true worth and the fact that they do not need to depend on men to feed them or protect them; from all progressive minds within the country who know that their society cannot move forward with such backward thinking; from everyone in the country who wants a better life and believes that there is a way out of their quagmire.

I’m glad this BBC documentary is now circulating the world on the Internet. It may not be enough to change everything, but hopefully, it will spark greater action that will, in turn, incite greater positive changes to an obsolete way of life.

Please take some time to watch India’s Daughter now by clicking on this link:<div><a href=”undefined?source=embed” style=”font-size: 11pt; text-decoration: none;”></a></div>

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