Published Works

The Amulet of Fire, Book 2 of The Amulets of Panagaea (, 2018)

“Children of the Earth” (poem). 2013. In Akdaan 1 Literary Anthology. Cleto, P. Ed. Toronto: Akdaan.

The Lost Amulets, Book 1 of The Amulets of Panagaea (, 2013)

101 Fun Games, Activities, and Projects for English Classes, 5 vols. (, 2013)

Language and Thought I (manuscript; with Alex Vista; 1st of a four-volume multi-author series for High School English Communication Arts, 2012)

A Holistic Theater Arts Program for the School of Design and Arts: An Action Research Report, September, 2005 (DLS-CSB Center for Learner Centered Instruction and Research)

“The Educational Network: An Integrated Curriculum – A Proposal for the Radical Rehabilitation of the Philippine Educational System,” Pintig Diwa: Literary and Faculty Journal, SSC Manila, Vol. 23, No. 1, 2001-2002

Five Untitled Verses, Pintig Diwa: Literary and Faculty Journal, SSC Manila, Vol. 23, No. 1, 2001-2002

English Composition Workbook IV, (Manuscript)

Learning is Fun: Preschool Activity Book, 4 volumes, (vol. 1, All About Me, c.2000; vols. 2-4, manuscripts)

Info hi-way (computer magazine for high school students), SSPI, 1999

Cyber Education (insert on computers for Sci-way Magazine), SSPI, 1999

Various current event articles in English, Junior Citizen Magazine, SSPI, 1999

“Conserving Our Marine Environment,” an article in 3 parts, People’s Journal, Nov. 10, 17 & 24, 1998

Various press releases, brochures, flyers, The Grene Corporation/Ocean World, Aug. 1998-Feb. 1999

“Raymond Lauchengco:The Man Behind the Myth,” Glitter Magazine, January 1997

Repertory Philippines press releases, 54th season brochures, flyers, print ads & programs for Love’s Labour’s Lost, I Ought to Be in Pictures, Carousel, Celebration II, The Fantasticks, The Importance of Being Earnest, Aug. 1996-Feb. 1997

“New Talents, Take a Bow!,” The Philippine Star, Dec. 16, 1996

“You Ought to be in Pictures Too!,” Starweek, vol. 10, no. 37, Oct. 27, 1996

“What It Takes to Act for Kids,” The Philippine Star, Oct. 21, 1996

“The Story of a Song,” Starweek, vol. X, no. 33, p. 6, Sep. 29, 1996

“Gerard Salonga Tries Conducting,” The Philippine Star, Sep. 16, 1996

Poetry (2), Philippines Free Press, April 1996

How to Write Behavioral Objectives, FAPE, 1987

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