The Lost Amulets (Blurb)

If you are looking for something totally new, interesting, and awesome, The Lost Amulets is just the book you want to see. Ms. Lapeña makes use of folklore from the Philippines, where she was born. She wants to introduce a whole new class of fantasy creatures to the world while sharing myths, legends, folktales, beliefs, and superstitions from the Philippines.

The Lost Amulets is a fantasy adventure story about four teenagers who are recruited by Littlefolk to find their missing king and three amulets that will restore natural order to the parallel world Dapit-Adlaw where fantastic and mythical beings exist. They encounter these beings, both good and evil, and race against time to solve the riddles and find the amulets that will help to restore vital elements in Dapit-Adlaw. Their final mission is to release the God of the Hunt from a curse. As the children make many new friends and help defeat the followers of the evil Tasu Wey, they discover strength and build confidence, and the 16-year-old lead character, in particular, learns to accept that mythical beings and magic do exist. 

The Lost Amulets is the first book of the series The Amulets of Panagaea.

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