All artwork in this section is for sale.

Sale price is exclusive of packing and shipping costs. Taxes will apply.

Nelson Mandela (pencil drawing)

Covered Bridge (pencil drawing)

Bowl of Fruit (pencil drawing) (private collection)

I, Colour (a self-portrait) (acrylic on canvas)

Hon. George Coles Building (pencil and ink) (private collection)

Hon. George Coles Building (ink drawing)

Ellen (pencil drawing)

Upstage (watercolor)

Two Ships (watercolor)

Labandera (Laundrywoman) (sold)

Obama (private collection)

Dance of Joy


These Circles are Not Perfect




Rosy Morning

A Strand of Hair

Black Mood

Spring to Fall

Blue Concerto on a Green Planet





Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Love in Blue

Lazy Afternoon


The Fast Lane

Tyger, Tyger


Winter of Despair

Winter of Despair (two poems)

Whale of a Tale


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