Old Farmhouse for Old Folks @ The Garden Home

These photographs show work staged after the 4th day…

Work as of April 16th

2014-04-16 20.53.37

I completed the trellis, shingles and inner panels of the “porch”

2014-04-16 20.53.50

The outer side of the porch roof is also “shingled” on both sides

2014-04-16 20.55.23

The inside of the arch behind the “Activities” sign

2014-04-16 20.55.28

The inside arch and inner walls of the porch

2014-04-16 20.55.36

The other side of the porch inner walls

2014-04-16 20.55.52

Corner detail of the inner porch walls

2014-04-16 20.56.02

Corner of inner porch walls with trellis and vines around the post

2014-04-16 20.57.40

Full frontal view of porch with trellis and signs

2014-04-16 20.57.54


2014-04-16 20.58.02

Shingles on porch wall with windows and window boxes masked off



2014-04-16 20.58.34


Detail of shingles… there’s an outlet there somewhere!


Work as of April 23rd2014-04-23 21.36.42

Window frames and reflections of arches and trellises painted in


2014-04-23 21.36.58

Close-up of right window, mandatory pie outlined in

2014-04-23 21.37.10

Details of left window frame and reflection; one light switch is already camouflaged and the night nurse couldn’t find it!

2014-04-23 21.37.25

Detail of right inner porch wall/foyer with knots camouflaging door stopper

2014-04-23 21.37.33

Left inner porch wall/foyer with knots and scuff marks at the bottom

2014-04-23 21.37.48

Foyer space above the door was exactly 2 planks wide

Work as of April 24th
2014-04-24 22.34.07

Door frame painted to match window frames

(note to self: I need to get a photo of the “aged” door handles and hinges as well!)

2014-04-24 22.34.20

Updated look, sans vines: the spring winds tore them off

2014-04-23 21.38.01


Inner wall of foyer facing door

Work as of April 28th

2014-04-28 21.37.02

Hot apple pie: people lined up asking for a slice!

2014-04-28 21.37.18

Curtain details in left window

2014-04-28 21.37.33

Ceiling details

2014-04-28 21.37.40


More ceiling details

Work as of May 5th

2014-05-05 20.47.49

Purple and green plants detailed in left window box


2014-05-05 20.47.55

Close-up of purple and green plants in right window box

2014-05-05 20.48.29

Close-up of purple and green plants in right window box


Work as of May 7th: Finishing Touches

2014-05-07 21.35.51

Antique porch light with candle on left foyer wall


2014-05-07 21.36.00

Milk jug and pitcher with steaming hot pie

2014-05-07 21.36.14

Red leaves detailed

(note to self: need to get a closer shot)

2014-05-07 21.36.28

The completed mural: close-up of foyer and doorway

2014-05-07 21.36.32

Pulling back a bit to get a full view

2014-05-07 21.36.36

The completed mural can be viewed at The Garden Home, North River Rd., Charlottetown, PE

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