Coming Soon: 101 Fun Games, Activities, and Projects for English Classes


101 Fun Games, Activities, and Projects for English Classes


This collection of 101 fun games, activities and projects has been compiled to create a useful and handy source for teachers of English classes, especially at the college level. This does not mean, however, that the contents cannot be adapted to high school or grade school levels. The collection documents activities that have been used in live classroom teaching in high school and college. There are five volumes: Breaking the Ice, Warming Up, Discovering New Things, Sharpening Skills, and Showing Off. Each set contains various games, activities, and projects focusing on different stages of learning—from simple ice breakers (as the title suggests), to recalling and reviewing, to introducing new topics, to practicing skills, and finally, to demonstrating full application of skills through various ways of “showing off.”

The collection has a Teacher’s Kit, which contains templates for several of the games and activities which teachers can simply reproduce on cardstock for classroom use.

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