Georgetown Letters


Link to the Eastern Geographic’s Georgetown Letters, where my letter was published. Check it out here!


It’s been so long since I’d been on a live-in writing retreat, I’d forgotten how refreshing, uplifting, encouraging, and productive it can be. I’m just so used to retreating into my little world to write, but having so many new writer-friends who share the same passion and are so welcoming and accepting has assured me that PEI is, indeed, the place for me! I have returned home with a renewed energy for writing and a stronger determination to move towards becoming a completely independent artist and writer! Just need to keep away from relishing the good food too often or I’ll just be eating instead of writing! Thanks to everyone for the amazing weekend! –Thanks Patti Larsen, Kirstin Lund, Kelly Sampson, Charity Becker, Catherine Ann, Stacy Dunn, and Ashley McCormack!
Our first supper was at Eden’s Gate and I got to sample this awesome burger that was more than enough for a single meal! It’s called the ‘Gatekeeper’ Burger — so if you all want to try it out, go to Georgetown! It was definitely a burger to remember!
The Gatekeeper Burger at Eden's Gate, Georgetown, PEI

The Gatekeeper Burger at Eden’s Gate, Georgetown, PEI