The Official Coffee Shop Drive-Through Survival Guide (Or, How to order coffee in Canada) 4


Welcome back, expert coffee orderers! You should have lots of experience now to your credit, giving easy-to-follow, clear coffee orders. Remember, order right if you want to get your coffee (or tea) right.

But you don’t always just order coffee or tea, do you? If you want to add cold drinks or other orders to your coffee or tea order, that shouldn’t be a problem. Say what you want very clearly, and be specific.

One of the most popular cold drinks you can get is the iced cappucino or “ice capp” for short. Here in Canada, people start ordering ice capps the moment the sun comes out regardless of the season. Yes, people do order ice capps in winter, but that’s not really what we’re discussing.

There are specific ways you can make sure your ice capp order is right. For instance, don’t just say “I’d like an ice capp.” Ice capps come several variations, starting with size. There are small, medium, and large ice capps. So you should say “I’d like a SMALL ice capp,” if that is what you want.

The second variation is the ice capp base: regular ice capps are made with cream. If you find cream too heavy or rich or fatty, you can have your ice capp made with milk. Most coffee shop milk will be 2% or 1% milk. Either way, it’s much lighter than cream. Your third option will be ice capps made with chocolate milk, if you prefer a chocolate milkshake-y type of drink. Let’s say you just want a regular ice capp with cream, then you don’t have to specify the base. It’s that easy. On the other hand, if you want a different base, you can say “I’d like a SMALL ice capp made with MILK” or “I’d like a SMALL ice capp made with CHOCOLATE MILK.”

But wait, it isn’t over yet. You still have more choices, if you want them.

You can have just a regular ice capp, or you can have an ice capp supreme. An ice capp supreme has a flavour shot, whipped cream topping and chocolate or caramel syrup drizzle. So you can order “a butter small caramel ice capp supreme” or “a small mint ice capp supreme.” Other basic flavours are french vanilla, hazelnut, and mocha. The seasonal flavours, so far,  include vanilla spice, almond, gingerbread spice, and pumpkin spice.

If all you want in your ice capp is an added flavour shot, just say “I’d like a small mint ice capp made with milk” or “I’d like a small butter caramel ice capp made with chocolate milk.” Add the word “supreme” if you want the whipped cream topping and syrup drizzle. All supreme ice capps get chocolate syrup drizzle EXCEPT the butter caramel ice capp, which gets caramel syrup drizzle. If you’d rather have one than the other, say so.

You can also get a regular ice capp topped with just whipped cream, without the flavour. Just order “a small ice capp with whipped cream, please.”

As with your hot drinks, ordering “three ice capps, one with milk, one with whipped cream, one with a mint shot” is a very confusing order. It sounds like you’re ordering 6 ice capps in all. Remember, the order taker doesn’t care how many ice capps you order in all, unless they’re all the same: “I’d like three medium ice capps made with milk.” If each order is different, place each order separately to avoid any confusion: “I’d like a medium ice capp made with milk, a small ice capp topped with whipped cream, and a small mint ice capp.”

Oh, and please don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you.” It’s just basic good manners, but it also makes the work more pleasant for those taking and making your orders.