Things to remind myself to do everyday


2014 is a New Year but I wouldn’t call these resolutions because resolutions are easily broken.

This is just my action plan for a 10-hour work day, not including days I give classes–those might be 14-hour days.

1. Write more poetry. Aim for one a day.

2. Finish Book 2. Aim for a chapter a day.

3. Paint more. Aim to finish one painting a week.

4. Exercise. After the vertigo is gone.

5. Stay organized. I mean in my apartment. With my odds and ends for yet-to-determine uses.

6. Craft. So those odds and ends get used.

7. Hit my French books. Lots of catching up and brushing up to do.

8. Hit my Spanish books. Lots of brushing up to do.

9. Eat right. Keep up the fruits & veggies overload.

10. Market market market. Need more clients.

11. Work on something that’s unfinished…. (my 11th hour activity!)