365 Things to Look Forward to: Number 3 – A walk on a pleasant day


3.  A walk on a pleasant day.

One of the things I do look forward to is taking a walk on a pleasant day. There is nothing like the gentle warmth of the sun caressing you while a mild breeze keeps your hair away from your face. Or mine, because I have long hair. But the breeze in your hair and on your skin keeps you cool as you walk.

Because I cannot take long or brisk walks, I am forced to walk at a slower pace than most people, with occasional pauses or periods of slowing down to almost a crawl. But, precisely because of this, I am able to luxuriate in the wind, enjoy the sunshine and see the little things that most people miss.

I love watching butterflies winging their way to flowers, birds squabbling on grassy lawns, the leaves of clover and other weeds intricately woven into lush green lawns after a rainy day. I see the minute lines and creases in the barks of trees,  how all leaves on a tree are practically all the same, save for some stray vein or creased corner or different-colored spot.

I see the cracks and lines in the pavement, tiny ant hills and ant holes loosening the red earth into separate grains, insects and other creatures with unknown names and unknown number of legs scurrying, crawling, slithering, or slinking their way across your path.

I see the rich red earth, uncountable stones and pebbles and clods of soil, variations of red, maroon, brown and black…and then again, mainly red.

I see clouds in all kinds of shapes and formations. Herringbone, sheep, cotton buds and stretched cotton, spirals and lines, rows and clumps, massive towering blobs of shaving cream  and fluffy bits of foam and fiber. Solid waves or sheets or cushioned.

Only some of the things I savour on a stroll on a pleasant day.

365 Things to Look Forward to


2. Sunshine!

There’s nothing like a bright, sunny day to lift your spirits. And if you can’t have a bright sunny day, there’s nothing like a bit of sunshine to lighten your day and your mood. Even on a cloudy day, I bask in the glory of one feeble ray of sunshine pushing its way through heavy clouds just to reach me. I turn my face to the stream of energy-giving light and smile. Even during winters, I love waking up to see sunshine streaming through my window blinds. It’s the best reason to pull up the blinds and let the sunshine in!

This is one of the reasons I love PEI—lots of sunshine, even in winter. It’s not likely anyone living on this island will get SADD.

Today is one such wonderful day! We hear of rain and cloudy days and storms and hurricanes and hail elsewhere, and we have sunshine! Of course, the last couple of days were cloudy and rainy, but that didn’t mean we didn’t get even a wee bit of sunshine. And after those few short stretches of gray skies, we get beautiful clear and sunny skies!

Never mind that it’s summer in spurts. I call it those random days of summer. Pretty much like those random days of spring. Even the trees were confused because they didn’t know if winter was finally over and it was time to bud! So the leaves came late this year…well into April, as opposed to as early February and March last year…and summer seems to be a hesitant visitor, not having decided whether or not to stay the while. Still, we get glorious random days of double digits…today is a sunny but single-digit day…so we alternate between tank tops, shorts, sandals and denims, running shoes, spring jackets.

And we wonder if Summer will finally arrive when Fall is here. But enjoy the sunshine in the meantime!

P.S. Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.