Reminiscing (poem)

remember when we walked the streets

watching the sky and the cars slipping by

counting the lights and the lampposts we met

reading the signs and dragging our feet.

remember when we walked through the rain

laughing at raindrops and catching the flu

splashing in puddles and wetting our shoes

pounding on pavement and slipping in mud.

remember when we ran through the grass

frolicking like children and rolling in dew

chewing the green and picking at weeds

crowning our heads with wreaths of leaves.

remember when we sat quiet in fields

surveying the buildings, basking in moonlight

sharing the silence, competing with fireflies

talking in whispers, waiting for daylight.

and now we sit and share the silence

remembering those days when we were friends

and more.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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