The Lost Amulets: Factoid


What are amulets?

Amulet – from the Latin amuletum, literally, something that offers protection, and can be found in any form–from gems to statues, to even plants and animals.

Purists might argue that the amulets in The Lost Amulets are more of talismans (bring luck, benefits, and protection). As a matter of fact, the amulets in my book offer the greatest form of protection–not only for the owner, but for specific things in nature. Admittedly, I did not expound on the protective aspects of the amulets in my book and will be revealing more about them in the next book, The Amulet of Fire.

In The Lost Amulets, the third object, the spear of Anlabban, is a magical spear, a talisman that offers protection as well, rather than an amulet. I have to admit that the Amulet of the Tides also behaves rather more like a talisman. But then, I am not a purist–I’m a FANTASY FICTION writer!

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