Remembrance Day

I wrote this piece before Remembrance day but forgot to post it here. Still, the sentiment hasn’t changed.

Remembrance Day is just a couple of days away and once again, Canadians will visit their War Memorials to pay their respects to those who fought and died for peace and freedom. It’s just ironic that to achieve peace, governments find the need to wage war. What is more ironic is that, while we honour those who fought and died as soldiers, we forget those who stayed home to keep things running, those who sat silently and patiently waiting for their loved ones to return, those who humbly accepted folded flags in exchange for their loved ones’ lives, those who live on with nowhere to run, no one to turn to, no help from a government that is more concerned with what it can gain for itself than what it can give to its people. Is it because those who are living aren’t crying out loud enough that the government pays no attention? Where are the PEACE, ORDER, and GOOD GOVERNMENT that our motto promises? Our government, on all levels, puts to waste the sacrifices made by our Veterans and their families, the sacrifices made by all families during the wars that have been and the wars that are. The government celebrates them one day out of every year but throws dirt over their stones the rest of the year. One day, we will see only the dirt that besmirches the memorials, staining them worse than the spilled blood that stained the fields of war.


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