Thanks for my special day…

I know the day isn’t over yet, but I have had a wonderful day so far. I am feeling so loved and affirmed that I have enough positive energy to keep me going until next year. If I missed thanking anyone who wished me a happy birthday or sent me greetings, thank you so very much for making this  wonderfully happy day much more wonderful and happier than I could have managed on my own. It is the beginning of another year of life that holds so much promise and so many surprises that I can’t wait to encounter. I look forward to sharing so much more with you all, with helping whenever I can, in whatever way I can, even if only to bring a little smile to someone’s face. After all, what good are we if we do not somehow touch someone else’s life? I love you all because you have all, somehow, touched my life in a million different ways. And I am thankful for each and every one of you because you have made my life more colourful, more meaningful, and more exciting.

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