Thanks for my special day…


I know the day isn’t over yet, but I have had a wonderful day so far. I am feeling so loved and affirmed that I have enough positive energy to keep me going until next year. If I missed thanking anyone who wished me a happy birthday or sent me greetings, thank you so very much for making this  wonderfully happy day much more wonderful and happier than I could have managed on my own. It is the beginning of another year of life that holds so much promise and so many surprises that I can’t wait to encounter. I look forward to sharing so much more with you all, with helping whenever I can, in whatever way I can, even if only to bring a little smile to someone’s face. After all, what good are we if we do not somehow touch someone else’s life? I love you all because you have all, somehow, touched my life in a million different ways. And I am thankful for each and every one of you because you have made my life more colourful, more meaningful, and more exciting.

Another birthday…another year (poem)


another birthday…another year…

will there be more heartaches? maybe more tears?

will there be joy? a new love perhaps?

i never will know…it’s all under wraps

it’s all a big secret…it’s all a surprise…

i won’t know about it till it’s before my own eyes…

i’m feeling all warm from the greetings i’m getting

it seems they’ll go on past the time the sun’s setting

there’s goodness enough to last me all year

and more than enough to keep me in cheer

i’m not going to worry what tomorrow might bring

with the right outlook it’ll be a good thing

another thing i’ll be thankful for…

another birthday…a new open door.


© 2014, Charlottetown