My first Canadian vote!

I meant to post this last weekend, but, as usual, a lot of distractions kept on coming up.

Wheee! I finally exercised my right to vote as a Canadian citizen at the Municipal elections over the weekend. I have done my civic duty and feel honoured to be part of this democratic process.

I learned that Municipal elections are non-partisan. May the better man or woman win! I wish Provincial and Federal elections were that way too. Forget stupid partisanship and just work together for the good, rather than tearing each other down.

I learned that there are some really nice people around! Thanks to Philip Brown, I was able to get to the polls without getting wet! I was really planning to walk over and get a bit of exercise, but it started raining all of a sudden–well, it was in the forecast–and I wasn’t in the mood to get soaking wet. During the past few weeks, I’d received phone calls from Philip Brown’s office and Helen Flynn’s office, as well as a visit and some calls from the local elections headquarters. PB’s office offered me a drive to get to the polls for the first advanced poll weekend, but I was too busy then, so they left me a number to call if I needed a drive. I did. I called the number and within 5 minutes, a couple of nice guys (Joey and darned-if-I-can-remember-his-name) picked me up, drove me to the polls, waited for me, and drove me back! That was really nice and made my first voting experience really satisfying!

It would have been nice to meet the candidates in person, but HF called at home when I wasn’t around, so all I got was a flyer.

It was nice to see a friend, Keith Kennedy, run for Mayor! Even if he didn’t win, I know it was a great experience.

I wish I had a drive to attend all the mayoral debates. It would have been interesting and fun to watch them.

I realized that I already know so many people here on PEI, which I now call home. There are so many things I want to do in this province, on this island, with these people, for these people, whom I now consider my people as well!

Who knows? Maybe I’ll run for Councillor one day. Or Mayor. You never know. I might even be good at it. In fact, I’m sure I’ll be good at it. It’s dirty politics I don’t like. The Municipal process was very peaceful, very respectable, and the candidates were all decent to each other. Everyone should follow their example.

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