Art ‘n’ Words to Offer Short Courses Starting September




Do you want to develop the artist in you or your kids? Do you want to improve your skills in speech and writing? Have you always wanted to write poetry or a novel or your memoirs? Charlottetown finally has a place where you can attend short courses to do all these and more!

Art ‘n’ Words Studio is the newest studio in town, established by PEI artist, author, and teacher Cindy Lapeña, who will be giving short courses in Art and English Speaking & Writing, starting in September 2013. Art classes will be in three age groups (Children 8-12, Teens 13-18, Adults 19+) with progressive levels of difficulty and new lessons each quarter. A different art medium will be taught on different days, with different media each quarter. Art courses will be in drawing with pencils, drawing with charcoal, drawing with chalk pastels, drawing with oil pastels, painting with watercolours, painting with acrylics, and painting with oils. Cindy has extensive experience as a teacher, has a great passion for art, and holds a diploma in art.

Cindy has also been a long-time teacher and trainer in English Literature, Communication Arts in English, and TESL, with a Masters degree in English Literature, Certificate 6 level with the PEI Department of Education, and TESL Canada certification. Armed with these formidable credentials, Cindy is more than capable of delivering the following short English courses throughout the year: Oral Business Communication, Written Business Communication, Public Speaking, Speech, Research & Report Writing, and Creative Writing-Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, Plays, and Memoirs.

Courses will rotate every quarter (12-weeks) so that no two consecutive quarters offer the same classes, and students will be limited to a maximum of 10 per class. Enrollees have the option to take anywhere from 1 class per week to 5 classes per week, including drop-in Saturday Art workshops. Enrollees will also have the option to reserve slots for a whole course or a whole month by paying in advance. All courses will be after school and work hours Mondays through Fridays, and throughout the day on Saturdays. Special group packages are available.

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