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Still more cans


I do enjoy prettying up the cans. Besides allowing me to be creative, it’s very relaxing–therapeutic, really.



This one (“Turquoise”) is now with Tina Inness.

"Turkish Delight"

“Turkish Delight”

I made “Turkish Delight” for Janine.

"Fisherman's Dream"

“Fisherman’s Dream”

I created “Fisherman’s Dream” for Vera.

"Pink Surprise"

“Pink Surprise”

“Pink Surprise” was a surprise for Rebecca, Vera’s daughter. Rebecca is a little darling and I just love her!



I call this one “Midnight”.



“Summer” is my cookie tin for homemade cookies and other occasional goodies.

"English Toffee"

“English Toffee”

"English Toffee"-angle 2

“English Toffee”-angle 2

"English Toffee" - angle 3

“English Toffee” – angle 3

I was looking for another can to pretty up and just emptied a can of—you guessed it, Nicky—English Toffee powder mix from Tim Horton’s! I thought it would be a pretty paintbrush bucket or some such handy container.


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Yellow and Green Cans


More cans I made for a couple more friends.

The green one is “Nicky” and the yellow one is “Courtney”.

Someone said I should keep them for myself because they’re just too pretty to give away and I spend so much time and effort on them.

I get really great pleasure from creating them, but  the greatest pleasure I get from making them is making them for friends to brighten up their day and know that they’re appreciated!

yellow can1 - "Courtney"


green can "Nicky"


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Red Can

red can 3


I decorated this can for a friend. I used beads, macaroni, buttons, and string.

I gave away another one, in purple, and forgot to take a picture before I gave it away.

Pictures are a nice way of keeping a record of things you’ve done, but too many times, the things we do aren’t recorded in any way.

Sometimes, that’s a terrible shame.