12 Cards for 12 Occasions: A Big L.E.A.P. for Garden Home Seniors



Festive display of greeting cards made by senior participants in the Garden Home’s 2014 L.E.A.P. (Learning Elders Art Program) under the auspices of the PEI Senior Citizens’ Federation through funding from the PEI Department of Tourism and Culture, in cooperation with the PEI Council of the Arts.

The participants (14 regular) attended 12 weekly sessions to create 12 cards for 12 occasions.

The cards were displayed at an Open House Exhibit, where MLA Kathleen Casey handed out Certificates of Completion to the participants. Also in attendance was PEI Senior Citizens’ Federation Director Bill Oulton.

The experience was thoroughly enjoyable for the participants, as well as for myself! I would do participate in the LEAP program over and over again!

(The Garden Home is located on North River Road in Charlottetown)

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more Crafty creations: remote control caddy


I really needed to find a place for my remote controls, which were everywhere and always getting misplaced. I’m sure you get the picture–under the couch, under the cushions, under books, etc. etc.

I wasn’t about to spend on it when I could make it, after all, what are all those used containers for?

Don’t you just love colorful macaroni? Saves having to paint the pieces individually! (Which I do when they don’t have the colors I want.)




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Still more cans


I do enjoy prettying up the cans. Besides allowing me to be creative, it’s very relaxing–therapeutic, really.



This one (“Turquoise”) is now with Tina Inness.

"Turkish Delight"

“Turkish Delight”

I made “Turkish Delight” for Janine.

"Fisherman's Dream"

“Fisherman’s Dream”

I created “Fisherman’s Dream” for Vera.

"Pink Surprise"

“Pink Surprise”

“Pink Surprise” was a surprise for Rebecca, Vera’s daughter. Rebecca is a little darling and I just love her!



I call this one “Midnight”.



“Summer” is my cookie tin for homemade cookies and other occasional goodies.

"English Toffee"

“English Toffee”

"English Toffee"-angle 2

“English Toffee”-angle 2

"English Toffee" - angle 3

“English Toffee” – angle 3

I was looking for another can to pretty up and just emptied a can of—you guessed it, Nicky—English Toffee powder mix from Tim Horton’s! I thought it would be a pretty paintbrush bucket or some such handy container.


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Yellow and Green Cans


More cans I made for a couple more friends.

The green one is “Nicky” and the yellow one is “Courtney”.

Someone said I should keep them for myself because they’re just too pretty to give away and I spend so much time and effort on them.

I get really great pleasure from creating them, but  the greatest pleasure I get from making them is making them for friends to brighten up their day and know that they’re appreciated!

yellow can1 - "Courtney"


green can "Nicky"


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Red Can

red can 3


I decorated this can for a friend. I used beads, macaroni, buttons, and string.

I gave away another one, in purple, and forgot to take a picture before I gave it away.

Pictures are a nice way of keeping a record of things you’ve done, but too many times, the things we do aren’t recorded in any way.

Sometimes, that’s a terrible shame.