Wanted: Christmas Cheer (poem)


Got my Christmas tree up, the leaves not yet set

Still don’t have the Christmassy spirit quite yet

Just watching my tree with its perfect form

Does nothing to make me feel fuzzy and warm

Play carols throughout the whole night and all day

Still don’t think that Santa’ll be coming my way

It’s not like I’ve ever been even once bad

There just won’t be presents at all to be had

The season just makes me incredibly sad

I can’t think of anything to make me more glad

So if you already have your Christmas cheer

A little thrown my way might just make my year.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012



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that christmas feeling (poem)


i’m trying to get that christmas feeling

listening to christmas songs all evening

decorating my rooms from floor to ceiling

hoping my tree won’t be long coming

so i can decorate it from floor to ceiling

while listening to christmas songs all evening

just to get that christmas feeling.