Music is My World


music is my world

Commissioned work: Music is My World

16″x20″, mixed media on paper

Hon. George Coles Building, Charlottetown (final drawing)


…and now in full colour!


2014-07-03 17.11.10


I rarely do pencil and ink drawings because

(1) ink can get messy,

(2) you have a limited colour palette with coloured pencils and it takes a lot of combining and blending to get the exact colours you want,

(3) it takes a lot more time than painting with a brush,

(4) I like to colour outside the lines!

Still, because I do like to do some things just to see how well I can do them, or just to see how long I will last, I take the plunge!

At first, I thought I’d just do the pen drawing, which took me about 4 hours all told, and that was after doing a separate pencil drawing which I did not like because the lines weren’t sharp enough (I used an HB graphite stick), but which gave me the perspective and feel for the details. I started inking the pencil drawing freehand, but wasn’t happy with the less-than-perfectly-straight lines. So I started the new drawing in pen. I had to take my time to make sure that each line was in the right place before I drew it.

When I had finished the pen drawing, I figured I’d colour it, but didn’t want to use paints, so I chose to use coloured pencils–since I have a huge collection of them, anyway. I was prepared to have to do the whole drawing all over again if I botched anything up, but lo and behold! I’m very happy with the result.


As a point of comparison, I took several photos of the building in case I wanted to work on the drawing away from the site. However, I did complete the drawing from the actual building and not from the photographs. This photograph is the closest to my drawing:




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