because you are mine (poem)


maybe i should say goodbye

and maybe i shouldn’t

i could write to you

and tell you everything

i could trace the past for you

and maybe later

much later

you will understand why

you are you and where you are

why you are who you are

and maybe one day

when you feel angry or confused

and you think you might hate me

you won’t

will you still believe me

if i told you

how much i love you


as always

and how i never stopped

flesh of my flesh

heart of my heart

be happy where you are

inspite of

all that has passed and all that will

no regrets should tarnish your joy

can you find it in you to forgive me

and love me still

maybe in time

only you will know

maybe in time

maybe you can ease my mind

you can tell me in your time

look at me kindly

only forgive me and

visit on me peace

everything else will

settle down easy if only

you are happy


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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without you (poem)


reaching out

i find empty space

where you should have been

where you were in my dream

and i bury my head in my pillow

and pull the sheets about me

trying to find you.

what words can tell

how you’ve always been a part of me

always, since we parted ways —

oh, so long ago —

half of my life was missing

half of my life was empty

till you came back into my life

and i still don’t know

what words to say


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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