Book cover for my upcoming book!

Cover Design by Cindy Lapena Cover Art by Kitt Lapena

Cover Design by Cindy Lapena
Cover Art by Kitt Lapena


Next Best Author Round 1 voting ends June 30


Next Best Author Round 1 ends June 30. Vote here now for my first 2 chapters of The Lost Amulets!

Just a few comments from readers to give you an idea of what you’re missing!

“I liked your descriptions of the hill, from the beginning it felt like a place your not supposed to go, it felt dark and dangerous….The setting and pace is perfect, overall I liked it very much. I can’t wait to hear what happens next”

“I’ve just read your chapters and I’m thinking magic mushrooms! An interesting hill… I’ll never look at them in the same way again. Littlefolk? What a fantastic imagination you have to come up with such a creation. I liked the prologue, assuming everything in the book will hinge on the extraordinary hill. Well-written, beautiful linguistic skills and I think you could have a new world for children in your head.”

“….Wonderful set up, lots of suspense and the stakes are raised higher… I love what you’re doing. This has sort of a Gulliver’s Travels feel to it. And the fact that it draws on folklore of the Philippines makes it even more intriguing.”

“I love it. You’ve captured the brother/sister banter, child’s POV, the magic and reality of mysteries beyond with awesome characterization and description. Your style reflects the timelessness of the oral fairytale without sugarcoating. The timing, dialogue, and subsequent introduction of the King of the Hill is very well crafted and effective. I look forward to more, too!”




*Artwork by my son Kitt Lapeña. Originally created for an online TV Feature article by my niece, Carmela Guanzon Lapeña, reporting for GMA News Live.

*Artwork by my son Kitt Lapeña. Originally created for an online TV Feature article by my niece, Carmela Guanzon Lapeña, reporting for GMA News Live.


The creature stopped in the center of the clearing and stretched itself to its full height, as far as its bent legs would allow. Its head grazed the lower branches of the banyan tree where Lubid was hiding. Benjamin’s breath caught in his throat and he could sense Talón tensing beside him. The creature raised its head to the waning moon and whinnied, then slowly turned around in a circle and began what seemed like a very ritualistic dance, snorting and whinnying as it did.

                                                                                                                                                  ~Excerpt from The Lost Amulets by C.P. Lapeña

From The Lost Amulets by C.P. Lapeña


Benjamin struggled some more as the mound held him up in mid air. In the dusk, it looked like some kind of hairy giant with grass covering its body. The smell of stale tobacco rose from the earth around the hill. The giant had settled down into a crouch, with the young boy in one outstretched hand. Slowly, it brought its other hand up to reveal a smoldering fag of tobacco that was about the size of the boy’s arm. It brought the gigantic cigar to a gap in the grass and seemed to inhale, then it slowly blew out the smoke in wisps, not unlike the smoke you would find coming from the embers of a dying fire.





Kapre**Artwork by Kitt Lapeña, as originally created for Melay Guanzon Lapeña for an article reported on GMA News Live.

The Lost Amulets


Cindy Lapeña is a seasoned writer who, for the first time, has written a full-length novel, The Lost Amulets.

This book is the first in her ambitious fantasy series, The Amulets of Panagaea.

The whole series is Cindy’s way of incorporating and preserving Philippine myths and legends into world class literature that can be appreciated by readers young and old alike. It is also a way to acquaint the global community with the rich folklore of the Philippines in captivating and exciting fiction.

The first series will be a trilogy with a prequel that will narrate how the world of Panagaea came to be what it is in this trilogy.


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The Lost Amulets

The first book in the series The Amulets of Panagaea by C.P. Lapeña

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