De Profundis* (poem)

(*lat. “from the depths”)



so night has passed again

and morning breaks anew

as in the solemn daybreak

i watch the last stars

lingering in the salmon sky

pitting their pale glitter

against a sun reborn

that slowly, softly

creeps into a world

deep in slumber

where visions of the night

delay departure

even in my mind that though

witnesses the birth of light

still floats in a fetal dreamworld

of warmth and darkness

where throbbing hearts seem

merged as one sharing

one breath


even my mind’s refuge is

violated by the piercing light

and through swift channels of

infinite forces my mind

emerges into a world

yet like a dream as i

remain aloft on unseen waves

challenging whitecaps of madness

that come surging in with the tide

and finding myself

borne ashore where i lie

warmed by the sun’s rays

caressing me as a loving hand might

with the sea forever returning

in a spray as kisses

showered in the secret of

a locked room while

with each return the warm waves

lap my side hungrily

as though desiring to

consume me —

to drown me in its warm embrace

and as i find myself pulled

into its briny bosom

i yield to its

insatiable passion

and close my eyes as

its clammy fingers wrap

around me,

playing over me and

as i tremble

the sea and i merge

in a consummation of

darkness as

day succumbs to night.


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