Merry May (poem)


‘Tis the merry month of May and yet the buds do hide

The ground is soft and mushy brown

In places where the wintry blanket’s thrown

The trees stretch out their knobby hands

The fingertips bulging waiting wanting to bloom

The sun only teasing winking peeking behind the gloom

As the trees stretch out their knobby hands

Waiting to bud in this merry month of May

My balcony blooming while snow still lies on the ground in May 2015

My balcony blooming while snow still lies on the ground in May, ©Cindy Lapeña 2015

©Cindy Lapeña 2015

Like the sunset (poem)



“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.” ~Goethe

I see magnificence and beauty
and a certain sadness with the sunset
and yet again calm as my world settles down
with the hope that I, too, will rest
with a certain sadness like the sunset
and that irreplaceable calm after a storm
when my world finally settles down.

2014-04-20 19.52.42

© Cindy Lapeña, 2014

snow days and ice days (poem)


can’t see the fine rain
but the tree branches are getting whiter
by the minute collecting ice
on every twig and bough
it’s not so much a snow day
as it is an ice day
with the frosty breath
of winter freezing the spittle of march
on everything it touches.

i hitched my dream… (poem)


i hitched my dream to a falling star

and like the star it didn’t go far

i hitched my dream to a growing tree

it grew so tall but was not free

i hitched my dream to a free wild bird

it soared up high but was not heard

i freed my dream, let loose its reins

it shouts, it soars, it grows without restraint.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2013

Sometimes (poem)



everyone needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes

someone to brush away tears from your face sometimes

someone to hold you tight, make things seem right sometimes

chase away shadows, scare off the demons sometimes

dark clouds, dark days just won’t leave you alone. sometimes

you need someone. you might think you’re alone sometimes

you feel the world is working against you sometimes

not every day is rainy and cloudy. sometimes

everyone needs to see sunshine, blue skies sometimes

but sometimes you just need to be alone. sometimes.


© 2013 Cindy Lapeña


Poems for Papa on Father’s Day

by Kitt Lapeña

by Kitt Lapeña

thunder and lightning and papa


i was as proud as a little girl could be

at six

with my very own room

and my very own bed

and my very own closets

and a door i could close

to be alone

until the big storm

when thunder roared

and the lightning

turned the shadow of

our neighbor’s caimito tree

into grotesque arms

swaying and reaching

in the blue-white glow

of the stormy night

and the wind

lashed at the windows

and left an open one


and banging

and banging

i lay awake

crouched under my blankets

trying to shut my eyes

not to see

the monster arms

reaching for me

but they did

and i forgot

how nice it was

to have my very own room

and my very own bed

and my very own closets

and a door i could close

and i screamed

until papa came

and papa stilled

the thunder and lightning

so i could sleep.



7 July 1993

4:10 a.m.


…and papa was there


it was a dark and stormy night

and papa was there

to put me to sleep


i had always wanted to be a girl scout

and everyone’s mommy and daddy

was at the induction

to pin the tiny girl scout pin

and tie the white kerchiefs on

i thought no one would come

and just when they called my name

papa was there


mama brought me to my grade school graduation

but didn’t stay

and somewhere in the middle of it all

as i strained to see the tiny faces in the crowd

papa was there

with his camera and his big almost-smile


and when my tummy hurt

really bad in school and

i had to get an appendectomy

before the anaesthetic got to work

papa was there holding my hand

and his eyes and shining eyeglasses

were the last thing i saw

floating next to the iv bottle


and when i walked down the aisle

papa was there holding me

like a little girl again

and smiling and crying

as i was


and when bianca came into the world

i thought i saw papa at the window

in a green surgical smock and cap

and when i woke up

there was a bag of sweets and cakes

and papa


and when i die

wherever i go i’m quite sure

the first thing i see will be papa.



7 July 1993

4:55 a.m.


Thunderclouds and Lightning (poem)


thunderclouds and ligntning

filled the sky.

i met a dream

that walked with me

for but a moment

of euphoric haze

a dream

that touched me

and for a moment

we walked

in a drizzle

of honeyed rain

soaked through

with blissful warmth

that burned

with fierce glow

of white fire

and drowned

in torrents

a blackened downpour

of blinded fury

shattering the serenity

of sleeping soil

rending the bloody earth

in two

the honeyed rain

seeping through

unfathomed depths

leading — where?

the roots exposed

reach out

to bridge an impossible


that greedily swallows

the tears of heaven.

i gaze across and see

my dream

calling me

our fingertips brush


over the chasm.

should we clasp

each other and



through a vortex of void blackness

the clamor

of our descent would be

dimmed by

the din of

thunderclouds and


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012

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