Lunar New Year + New Leadership = Change???


It’s the last week to February and we’ve had some wild winter weather. In 4 weeks, it will be officially Spring; in 2 weeks, we’ll be setting our clocks ahead for DST. We will celebrate the Lunar New Year, better known as the Chinese New Year, ushering in the Year of the Sheep, which starts on the 22nd of February. The Liberal Party is holding its leadership convention and Premier Robert Ghiz is turning over the reins of government to Wade Maclauchlan, former President of UPEI. I wonder how an academic will fare in position as tough as Premier of PEI. There will be many good things, I’m sure, including a clear understanding of the importance of education and culture. I hope that will be enough for him to drag the educational system into the 21st century and perhaps bring along the change that will make PEI’s educational system comparable to the best in the world, similar to Finland. I hope that he will recognize the need to upgrade the system and impress the importance of adequate, if not excellent writing skills. I hope that he will improve the status of teachers and teaching because this profession is in the forefront of ensuring a well-trained, critical-thinking workforce that will become the backbone of PEI’s economy. I hope he will unite all PEI communities in building up the province, and equalize so many things that are blatantly unequal. I hope a lot of things for PEI’s new leadership, but I also hope that islanders pull together to make this tiny island province a much better place to live in.


there’s a tug-o’-war for spring
summer in no hurry to come
lazing somewhere in the tropics
winter struggling hard to stay
throwing temper tantrums when told to go away.

Charlottetown, 2014


Breakout (poem and painting)


acrylic on corrugated plastic board

it’s a splendid day

don’t rain on my parade

the sun will chase my troubles away

it’s time to get out of the shade

it’s a wonderful day

that groundhog will come out

the sun will melt the snow away

spring colours will soon break out


© Cindy Lapeña, 2011


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Spring to Fall (poem and painting)


Spring to Fall
watercolour on corrugated cardboard


does Spring spring to Fall

or does Spring fall?

do you fall when you spring

or do you spring when you fall?

can you spring on springs

and not fall or do you fall?

it’s all a pun on nature

and that’s au naturel


© Cindy Lapeña, 2011

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