Autumn night (poem)


Thunderclouds threaten

Sunlight fades to purple haze

Autumn night has come.

© Cindy Lapeña, 2012

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Thunderclouds and Lightning (poem)


thunderclouds and ligntning

filled the sky.

i met a dream

that walked with me

for but a moment

of euphoric haze

a dream

that touched me

and for a moment

we walked

in a drizzle

of honeyed rain

soaked through

with blissful warmth

that burned

with fierce glow

of white fire

and drowned

in torrents

a blackened downpour

of blinded fury

shattering the serenity

of sleeping soil

rending the bloody earth

in two

the honeyed rain

seeping through

unfathomed depths

leading — where?

the roots exposed

reach out

to bridge an impossible


that greedily swallows

the tears of heaven.

i gaze across and see

my dream

calling me

our fingertips brush


over the chasm.

should we clasp

each other and



through a vortex of void blackness

the clamor

of our descent would be

dimmed by

the din of

thunderclouds and


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012

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