Sonnet: To the One I Love


No precious metal on this earth e’er found

Can bind the hearts of lovers; never will

The mighty oak stand closer to the ground

Nor seasons changing ever yet stand still;

No summer love eternal e’er stood fast:

Like cryst’line snow it trickles down with time;

Tho’ many try in vain to make time last,

All snowflakes cling to glass and turn to rime.

‘Tis wedded bliss they say that tightly binds

Two lovers’ hearts; but all too soon, alas

They break apart; each lover erstwhile finds

That wedded bliss has all but come to pass.

Ethereal tho’ my love may seem to you,

Defy all time, I will, to prove it true.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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Thunderclouds and Lightning (poem)


thunderclouds and ligntning

filled the sky.

i met a dream

that walked with me

for but a moment

of euphoric haze

a dream

that touched me

and for a moment

we walked

in a drizzle

of honeyed rain

soaked through

with blissful warmth

that burned

with fierce glow

of white fire

and drowned

in torrents

a blackened downpour

of blinded fury

shattering the serenity

of sleeping soil

rending the bloody earth

in two

the honeyed rain

seeping through

unfathomed depths

leading — where?

the roots exposed

reach out

to bridge an impossible


that greedily swallows

the tears of heaven.

i gaze across and see

my dream

calling me

our fingertips brush


over the chasm.

should we clasp

each other and



through a vortex of void blackness

the clamor

of our descent would be

dimmed by

the din of

thunderclouds and


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012

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by the sea (poem)



my mind it seems

has wrought a million lines

all thought

is centered round

you and

when no more words

come pouring out

i seek

a peaceful cove

to hide myself

where i can watch

the sea as it


bathes the shore

and i dream

of you as i feel

the warm waves

caressing me

as you once did

and i find

comfort knowing

that once before

we loved.

and as the sea

returns forever

in tireless innuendo

courting a still shore

that yields

no more than but

few grains of sand

each time

i yield with each return

a little bit of me


no more is left

to yield

after an eternity.


Sonnet VIII (poem)


on moonless nights as this i find

in aimless flights of dreams, my mind

and though a million thoughts cruise by

the last one ever makes me sigh

i’ve dreamt of hills and mountains tall

greens and plains, i’ve seen them all

the moon and stars are common sights

likewise the sun with brilliant light

on earth the sweetest songs i’ve heard

and all but one were sung with words:

all haunting tunes of love-worn lines

that fade too soon with passing time.

the sweetest song if ever true

all nature sings when i’m with you.

Reunion (poem)



here i sit

another night

slowly passing

creeping with the seconds

towards another day


memories of



as on a mistral vessel


o’er a sea of

passion spent and

past reckonings


in the mist

in vap’ry clouds

of moon-forgoten



as only

you can cause them

to encircling

minds fogged


unspoken lines of




by unyielding norms

created by


brains beyond

the shadows of

shadows free



o’er birth of

eternity merging

pulsating with

slivers of




an image of

my love.

Narcissus (poem)



so like the fair Narcissus.


with trembling fingers

numbed as though

’twere marbled features

they traced —

the chiselled profile of

bones so finely wrought

that accent a brow so fine

and cheeks so sharp

against a jaw so firm;

what thickly lashed

mysterious pools of black

that reflect a haughty glint,

and such a mouth

that marbled though

exudes a warmth

that lures me as

there my fingers stop, moist.

what mystic marble

from what land begot

are you carved from,

that breathes as man,

and in my arms

is warmer than a furnace?

what steely strength is it

that through your fingers

courses, that causes me

to bend, inferior to

your might though

like a summer breeze

you blow?

what strange alliance have you

with what gods in

distant peaks —


the strength of

Hercules’ smith

or is it Eros’ breath?

nay, Hermes has but lent

his wings that swift

your words fly home

to me and i

am snared within

your arms and helpless

in your sight —

but for your beauty and

your charms i

would not with Echo vie.


have you no moment but

to spare than but

to gaze

at your reflection?

ah, vanity, thy name is man!

what then can women serve?


so like the fair Narcissus,

would that you were

my love.

Dirge (poem)



Slowly, slowly, drums beat soulfully

echoing, echoing drum beats mourning

slowly, soulfully, echoing in mourning.

Softly moaning flute’s notes wailing

wailing softly, slowly echoing in haunting melody.


In moonlit glade do shadows fall

cast long and solemn amidst trees tall

with limbs outstretched toward muted sky

that hears their pleas — and gives no reply.


Trees sigh.  The sky seems not to hear the wind

whose haunting tunes are snatched

by outstretched limbs that seek a tune

that though forlorn, when offered, soar on, skyward bound.


What sound! To melody, mute sky replies

in rage — or is it echoed sighs?

What tirade sky does vent on trees: —

is it the answer to long-raised pleas?


Like silver tresses hanging loose,

the sky’s outpouring changing hues

with every fiery bolt of light,

from heavy limbs that seek the shelter of the night.


And finally, finally, the clamor sinks slowly,

hushing itself and echoing meekly

the steady rhythm of skins pulsating,

seemingly calling, from a distance hailing,


enticing from hidden corners the echoes of drums

that slowly, slowly, beat so mournfully

echoing, echoing, in endless mourning

slowly, soulfully, echoing the mourning

of enamored soul left long to wandering.

Sonnet VI (poem)


what wonders in this world untold

unfold as rose’s petals do

or as the clouds in changing hue

fill earth with mystic magic spewed

as from a wizard’s fairy wand

spouts founts of stardust o’er the land

those blazing trails like meteor’s tails

eons of light that burn the skies

supernal glow defying night

eternal lamps in lovers’ eyes

that are as warm as they are bright

that reach so far in dual flight;

what wonders yet are here untold

if all myst’ry thine eyes unfold?

Sonnet V (poem)


can i call thee the wind that blows

that light and gently stirs leaves of trees?

perhaps thou art the mighty Sol

with tender strength that warms the earth;

or should i say thou art the rain

that nourishes earth’s grassy plains?

thou art perchance the moon demure

that flirts with earth with soft allure?

art thou the stars that flicker bright,

lamps burning endless through the night?

or else thou art the ocean wide,

the timeless flow of ebb and tide;

thou art the force in all the earth

indeed, and all the earth is me.

Sonnet I (poem)


how longer yet must i

evade thy langorous look

that pierces me to my very core?

how stranger yet that i

should wither ‘neath your gaze

yet of your overwhelming pow’r

still silently beg for more.

ah, fate! like lovers shy

must we forever stay?

and from the corner of my eye

can i forever be content

with glimpses stolen from time?

how many a line full well can i

as this yet write for thee?

only as many as the stars in the sky

and the droplets in the sea.