Sonnet VIII (poem)


on moonless nights as this i find

in aimless flights of dreams, my mind

and though a million thoughts cruise by

the last one ever makes me sigh

i’ve dreamt of hills and mountains tall

greens and plains, i’ve seen them all

the moon and stars are common sights

likewise the sun with brilliant light

on earth the sweetest songs i’ve heard

and all but one were sung with words:

all haunting tunes of love-worn lines

that fade too soon with passing time.

the sweetest song if ever true

all nature sings when i’m with you.

Upon first wearing contact lenses (poem)



what moonlit night!

so soft a light as dimmed

by shadows lightly

touching grasstips and leaf’s edges

glowing soft in yellow haze

‘neath star-filled sky

stars fall around me

blazing lights coldly blue

each star beringed by

a seven-fold hue from

red to indigo-blue

and skies as misty as

when faeries bathe in

morning dew and fill

the air with vap’rous

scents lingering like

the memory of you.


Sonnet VI (poem)


what wonders in this world untold

unfold as rose’s petals do

or as the clouds in changing hue

fill earth with mystic magic spewed

as from a wizard’s fairy wand

spouts founts of stardust o’er the land

those blazing trails like meteor’s tails

eons of light that burn the skies

supernal glow defying night

eternal lamps in lovers’ eyes

that are as warm as they are bright

that reach so far in dual flight;

what wonders yet are here untold

if all myst’ry thine eyes unfold?

Sonnet V (poem)


can i call thee the wind that blows

that light and gently stirs leaves of trees?

perhaps thou art the mighty Sol

with tender strength that warms the earth;

or should i say thou art the rain

that nourishes earth’s grassy plains?

thou art perchance the moon demure

that flirts with earth with soft allure?

art thou the stars that flicker bright,

lamps burning endless through the night?

or else thou art the ocean wide,

the timeless flow of ebb and tide;

thou art the force in all the earth

indeed, and all the earth is me.

Sonnet IV (poem)


how strange! this ringing in my ears

that sings of melodies so sweet

a full night passed into new dawn

and as the birds burst into song

this flighty heart does sing along

it soars and glides and floats as birds

as light and wing’d it spins and flies

across lapis lazuli skies

and gently ever through the clouds

like golden leaves in autumn falling

twisting, turning, lightly twirling

nestling in thy breast and resting.

and though a million dawns may come

my heart shall live to share their songs.

Sonnet III (poem)


a quivering deep within myself i feel

this mortal coil that strives to reach the stars

and slowly like the sweet shy bud in spring

sipping dew of heav’nly sweet nectar

unfurling petals of the brightest hue

and bathing in the radiant rays of Ra

soft, trembling with delight unmet by far

by any creature sharing mortal breath

more full yet than the halls in Zeus’ abode

of Pan’s enchanting tunes or bard’s sweet rhymes

outpourings of entrancing harmonies

fill earth and heavens with the sweetest songs.

and as the helpless bud i can but wait

till lover true doth save me from my fate.

Sonnet II (poem)


what sweet delight that in me fills my soul

when spring comes surging through my being whole

what fate so sweet no lover could ask more

than but to lie in lover’s arms in peace

more full yet than the warmth of Ra’s hot core.

ah, sleep! that slumber of eternal bliss

such dreams as are awaken by your kiss

that but does serve to send me spinning off

like meteor’s flight in heav’nly galaxies

leave trails of light and stardust in the skies

to gently settle in my lover’s eyes

full so with sparkle of unearthly light.

ah, sweet in me, what godly-filled delight

those silver threads that run into a million nights!

While Celebrating A Friend’s Birthday (poem)



so turns another night to morn

but what night!

i sit alone     

and yet my thoughts are drifting

far over mellow city lights

that lend their glow to silent vigil

with hidden stars and moon

sky shares my loneliness

from parting far too soon

it seems

though miles away you be

you’ll always be beside me

no other thoughts dare hover near

they know they merit no attention

not much ado they matter

but night!

time flies so quickly when you’re around

so slowly when you’re gone

if only time would share my plight

and linger longer when we’re together

not much is there that i can do

to hasten the minutes or still the seconds

what more is there to seek

but wait until

the days bring us yet closer?

Idyll in Lalaguna (poem)



my mind’s eye wanders

drifting aimlessly as night

grows deeper

floating on a breeze

cool, serene

i long for a warmth

i seek it as air lends

slight chill to mortal frame

hoping that the wind

blows strong, faithfully

lending its wings to love

that soft, my words whispered

may float on away

past emerald isle

over corals and blue sea

aloft on clouds of dreams

to gently burst over you

and deliver

those timeless words

of lovers true

that though they do not

reach par

with Shakespearian verse

of sweet words love-laden

we may share

betwixt us two

the ageless, endless

rosy hues

of love

though pummelled by storms

and tossed and thrown

remains unshaken

undaunted and firm

so thus do i dream

of flawless emotion

and thence shall i love

with endless devotion.

after a sleepless night (poem)


i’d watched the hours going by

as moon was waning in the sky

i’d counted minutes and as they died

i’ve longed for you here at my side.


long yet have i to wait for dawn

for birds to greet the morn with song

how longer yet have i to lie

and wait for you as seconds fly


the seconds take eternity

it seems, till once again by me

you’ll be, that we may share love’s sweetest songs

as we together greet a million dawns.