this is not poetry (poem)


this is not poetry

the god Demetillo roared

no rhyme no rhythm

no figurative language

no picturesque speech

no verse

this is not poetry

the god Demetillo decided

not poets not writers

we should all be farmers

or market vendors

peddling wares that are not ours

no write not think

not waste our ink


this is not poetry

the god Demetillo declared

not sonnets at all

not Petrarch not Shakespeare

not worthy of reading

not worthy of writing

a waste of time

of words of paper


Demetillo is not a god.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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Sonnet: To the One I Love


No precious metal on this earth e’er found

Can bind the hearts of lovers; never will

The mighty oak stand closer to the ground

Nor seasons changing ever yet stand still;

No summer love eternal e’er stood fast:

Like cryst’line snow it trickles down with time;

Tho’ many try in vain to make time last,

All snowflakes cling to glass and turn to rime.

‘Tis wedded bliss they say that tightly binds

Two lovers’ hearts; but all too soon, alas

They break apart; each lover erstwhile finds

That wedded bliss has all but come to pass.

Ethereal tho’ my love may seem to you,

Defy all time, I will, to prove it true.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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Sonnet VIII (poem)


on moonless nights as this i find

in aimless flights of dreams, my mind

and though a million thoughts cruise by

the last one ever makes me sigh

i’ve dreamt of hills and mountains tall

greens and plains, i’ve seen them all

the moon and stars are common sights

likewise the sun with brilliant light

on earth the sweetest songs i’ve heard

and all but one were sung with words:

all haunting tunes of love-worn lines

that fade too soon with passing time.

the sweetest song if ever true

all nature sings when i’m with you.

Sonnet VII (poem)


what bitter glitter do these eyes exude

that glisten in the light as dewdrops would;

what lonely sigh escapes these pouting lips

that once did know the bliss of tender kiss;

these arms that ache to hold you but once more

are lifeless driftwood washed upon the shore;

and oh! — to feel your head upon my breast,

more barren than deserted eagle’s nest,

would bring to me more joy than ever was;

and should you but ensnare these eyes of glass

with but the meanest glance — I would not seek

to cast existence to eroding peak.

could I but from this bleary life depart,

as parting token you would have my heart.

Sonnet VI (poem)


what wonders in this world untold

unfold as rose’s petals do

or as the clouds in changing hue

fill earth with mystic magic spewed

as from a wizard’s fairy wand

spouts founts of stardust o’er the land

those blazing trails like meteor’s tails

eons of light that burn the skies

supernal glow defying night

eternal lamps in lovers’ eyes

that are as warm as they are bright

that reach so far in dual flight;

what wonders yet are here untold

if all myst’ry thine eyes unfold?

Sonnet V (poem)


can i call thee the wind that blows

that light and gently stirs leaves of trees?

perhaps thou art the mighty Sol

with tender strength that warms the earth;

or should i say thou art the rain

that nourishes earth’s grassy plains?

thou art perchance the moon demure

that flirts with earth with soft allure?

art thou the stars that flicker bright,

lamps burning endless through the night?

or else thou art the ocean wide,

the timeless flow of ebb and tide;

thou art the force in all the earth

indeed, and all the earth is me.

Sonnet III (poem)


a quivering deep within myself i feel

this mortal coil that strives to reach the stars

and slowly like the sweet shy bud in spring

sipping dew of heav’nly sweet nectar

unfurling petals of the brightest hue

and bathing in the radiant rays of Ra

soft, trembling with delight unmet by far

by any creature sharing mortal breath

more full yet than the halls in Zeus’ abode

of Pan’s enchanting tunes or bard’s sweet rhymes

outpourings of entrancing harmonies

fill earth and heavens with the sweetest songs.

and as the helpless bud i can but wait

till lover true doth save me from my fate.

Sonnet II (poem)


what sweet delight that in me fills my soul

when spring comes surging through my being whole

what fate so sweet no lover could ask more

than but to lie in lover’s arms in peace

more full yet than the warmth of Ra’s hot core.

ah, sleep! that slumber of eternal bliss

such dreams as are awaken by your kiss

that but does serve to send me spinning off

like meteor’s flight in heav’nly galaxies

leave trails of light and stardust in the skies

to gently settle in my lover’s eyes

full so with sparkle of unearthly light.

ah, sweet in me, what godly-filled delight

those silver threads that run into a million nights!

Sonnet I (poem)


how longer yet must i

evade thy langorous look

that pierces me to my very core?

how stranger yet that i

should wither ‘neath your gaze

yet of your overwhelming pow’r

still silently beg for more.

ah, fate! like lovers shy

must we forever stay?

and from the corner of my eye

can i forever be content

with glimpses stolen from time?

how many a line full well can i

as this yet write for thee?

only as many as the stars in the sky

and the droplets in the sea.

To The One I Love, a Sonnet


I learned how timeless time can be

When heartbeats are pulses of eternity

When sun and moon and stars revolve

About me, insignificant entity

In void alone a vesper shines

A single star becomes a galaxy

When alpha is omega and

When lines run through infinity

The path I run parallels the sun’s

Rays, we merge, an undefined unity

Defying relativity

Fixed points converging in serendipity.

To say I love you is pure subtlety

No words define love’s cosmos within me.