Love in Blue (poem and painting)


Love in Blue
watercolour on paper

love in blue is love that’s true

love that’s deep

love that’s new

love that frees

love that soothes

love that sees

love in blue, that’s what it is


© Cindy Lapeña, 2011


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Sonnet: To the One I Love


No precious metal on this earth e’er found

Can bind the hearts of lovers; never will

The mighty oak stand closer to the ground

Nor seasons changing ever yet stand still;

No summer love eternal e’er stood fast:

Like cryst’line snow it trickles down with time;

Tho’ many try in vain to make time last,

All snowflakes cling to glass and turn to rime.

‘Tis wedded bliss they say that tightly binds

Two lovers’ hearts; but all too soon, alas

They break apart; each lover erstwhile finds

That wedded bliss has all but come to pass.

Ethereal tho’ my love may seem to you,

Defy all time, I will, to prove it true.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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(Untitled poem)



ever so gently

no other words

have crept upon me

unknowing as now,


i have been caught up

in warm embrace

that fills me

and waiting

i lie


by the assurance

of your memory

lingering within me

i feel

as though i now

have reached

a harbor

one peaceful cove

in starlit sea

guarded by moon

and trees

weathering all storms

i rest

at peace with earth

no troubles

bother me

i long for

a chance

that i might return

in full measure running over,