My vigil is done

The night is long
My vigil done.
Done the songs
The mourners gone
In marble urn
Her frailty burned
Her spirit flown
To worlds unknown.

-2013, Charlottetown

At the end of the day (poem)


At the end of the day I put my pens and brushes away

I shut down my computer, shut my lessons, shut my books

At the end of the day. I turn off the lights

Bid all goodnight and welcome the night

At the end of the day when it creeps in on spider legs

Swallowing the light and the sky turns gray

It’s the end of the day and the dark sets in

And my world narrows down to the thoughts in my head

Because at the end of the day the world disappears

And I live only in my mind pondering

If another day will end for me at the end of the day.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2013



Sonnet VIII (poem)


on moonless nights as this i find

in aimless flights of dreams, my mind

and though a million thoughts cruise by

the last one ever makes me sigh

i’ve dreamt of hills and mountains tall

greens and plains, i’ve seen them all

the moon and stars are common sights

likewise the sun with brilliant light

on earth the sweetest songs i’ve heard

and all but one were sung with words:

all haunting tunes of love-worn lines

that fade too soon with passing time.

the sweetest song if ever true

all nature sings when i’m with you.

Reunion (poem)



here i sit

another night

slowly passing

creeping with the seconds

towards another day


memories of



as on a mistral vessel


o’er a sea of

passion spent and

past reckonings


in the mist

in vap’ry clouds

of moon-forgoten



as only

you can cause them

to encircling

minds fogged


unspoken lines of




by unyielding norms

created by


brains beyond

the shadows of

shadows free



o’er birth of

eternity merging

pulsating with

slivers of




an image of

my love.

Transgressions (poem)



And when night has passed away

i watch you asleep amidst

ravished bottles and

satiated ashtrays lying

on despoiled carpet that once

was a manicured lawn

and sigh.

echoes of the past toll

in mind drunk with

thoughts of sleeplessness and

you as

fingers numb from touching

play lullabies in your hair

in broken chords and

arpeggios long-buried in

the archives of humanity and

transmit the ravaged lines of

romance in haunted

melodies unheard

through your heaving bosom

bare but for the osmotic

film of heartbeats

that shield your soul.

parched lips trace

lines upon your face

searching hopelessly for

an oasis of response and finding

mirages of dreams unwrought

remaining mirages of dreams wrought

in tangle of hair and sweat and


you stir

raising your face ravished

by the secrets of sleep.

what seeds have the spectral silence

now embalmed in prisoned consciousness

that struggles to flee from

the choking grasp of dreams?

i am useless.

and so remain as i

can merely watch you sinking

deeper into

the poisoned pit of

as deathless slumber and

in the frenzied orgy of

vilified abstractions of sleep

i covet the company of

your mind.


Interlude in Isabela (poem)




moon rises

creeping inch by inch

over the silhouette of a sleeping edifice

dark but for the watchful eyes

of windows softly glowing

with the spectral light of incandescent lamps.

distant stars flickering

add their wavering lights

to the chilling air

compounding the silence that

you and i share

between long-drawn breaths

sitting on cold steps as we

await the morning.

where the darkness? (poem)


where the darkness?

where the night?


giver of light

extinguish thy fire

that i may hide

i seek a cloak

that may cover me

that i might be



that i may unburden

my troubles

in your omnipotent being

that i may silently weep


that no other may share

the bitter tears

the pain

it seethes

through my very entrails

it consumes me


i beseech thee night!

bear me upon thy fiery wings

i flee

i long to flee

far away

to join eons

of light

of night

to rid myself

of mortal trappings

to seek Charon and

journey the river Styx

where darkness

is forever

i long