Waiting for the morning (poem)


As everyone sleeps the night

comes alive with sound

the walls creak pipes murmur

clock beats away sleep

the fridge motor competes

with snoring from the bedroom

and wins as it rises a pitch

the heaters expand cold air crackles

power lines buzz or is it beetles?

A neighbor drives up at 3 a.m.

headlights piercing through blinds

the engine chortles and dies

the outer door heaves open and

closes with a sigh.

Heavy shoes rush up and are silenced

by a carpet upstairs and footsteps shuffle

to bed complaining with loud creaks.

The cold seeps under the door

through the walls to fingers and feet

fighting the heat from a body

nearing defeat waiting for the morning

to put the night to sleep.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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Transgressions (poem)



And when night has passed away

i watch you asleep amidst

ravished bottles and

satiated ashtrays lying

on despoiled carpet that once

was a manicured lawn

and sigh.

echoes of the past toll

in mind drunk with

thoughts of sleeplessness and

you as

fingers numb from touching

play lullabies in your hair

in broken chords and

arpeggios long-buried in

the archives of humanity and

transmit the ravaged lines of

romance in haunted

melodies unheard

through your heaving bosom

bare but for the osmotic

film of heartbeats

that shield your soul.

parched lips trace

lines upon your face

searching hopelessly for

an oasis of response and finding

mirages of dreams unwrought

remaining mirages of dreams wrought

in tangle of hair and sweat and


you stir

raising your face ravished

by the secrets of sleep.

what seeds have the spectral silence

now embalmed in prisoned consciousness

that struggles to flee from

the choking grasp of dreams?

i am useless.

and so remain as i

can merely watch you sinking

deeper into

the poisoned pit of

as deathless slumber and

in the frenzied orgy of

vilified abstractions of sleep

i covet the company of

your mind.


365 Things to Look Forward to: Number 4 – Early Bedtime!


4. Going to bed earlier than usual.

I am a night owl and notorious for staying up very very late. This gets worse when I am caught up in a painting or writing frenzy. And it is absolutely disastrous when I get a really early phone call in the morning–early as in before the sun rises, or shortly after–which means I feel groggy all day long. When that happens, I do my best to sleep in the day after…as long as I don’t have anywhere important to go (like work or an appointment), but somehow, it just doesn’t seem enough. So once in an extremely rare while, I chuck everything, turn the TV off (I’m glad the major show seasons are over, and there evenings when there really isn’t anything I really want to watch), and turn in early.

On nights like that, I don’t even touch the books on my nightstand. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I switch off my bedside lamp, pull the sheets up to my chin, and close my eyes. Now mind you, some nights are near tortuous because even with that ceremony done, my overactive mind just keeps on tossing thoughts about clamoring for attention. On those nights, I end up sleeping at my usual later hours–or worse, not getting any real sleep at all. But on other nights, within seconds of  tucking myself in, I am blissfully unaware of anything and everything around me, as I fall into the deepest possible sleep.

That’s what happened last night, which is why I’m only posting Number 4 today!!!!