Sea Song (poem)


i sit listening to the sea as it sighs

echoing and moaning with mournful cries

i sit watching the sea as it washes the shore

in the same endless rhythm as ever before

i sit watching the sea as it comes rolling in

with white-crested surges that dance and sing

i sit watching a saga of slow song and dance

an unfolding tale of ageless romance

i sit listening to the sea and its song

and i find without knowing, i am singing along.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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passion (poem)



what is passion

but intense desire

a torrent of kisses

cascading over two bodies


entangled arms and legs

and hair

surging over the sheets

a surf

washing the shore

in endless motion


like the sea

gently lapping at

the beach

pulling at the sand



tender caresses


but for a faint sighing

echoed infinitessimally

in love

tracing patterns

across wet sand

over and over


the sea

runs its fingers

over the beach

picking at the particles

leaving its marks

in wet kisses washed over

by more kisses

building up anew

a storm

beating against the shore


thrashing the sands

thrown up in throes

of passion.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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by the sea (poem)



my mind it seems

has wrought a million lines

all thought

is centered round

you and

when no more words

come pouring out

i seek

a peaceful cove

to hide myself

where i can watch

the sea as it


bathes the shore

and i dream

of you as i feel

the warm waves

caressing me

as you once did

and i find

comfort knowing

that once before

we loved.

and as the sea

returns forever

in tireless innuendo

courting a still shore

that yields

no more than but

few grains of sand

each time

i yield with each return

a little bit of me


no more is left

to yield

after an eternity.


the sea and i (a poem)


the sea and i

are one

we float

gaze at the sky

we see ourselves

stars shining brightly

we rise

we reach, reach

for the stars

we try

we’ve been together


a long long time ago

we’ve lived forever

no one

no one ever knows


the sea and i

are one

we travel on

rolling on, rolling on

viewing the mountains

emerald spots of green

longing for calm

longing to stay

the stars keep on calling

we must go their way

the stars have their way

the sea and i

are one

we fly

fly to the heavens

shining in the heavens

we are our mirror

gazing down below

we watch ourselves going, rolling

we watch

the sea

and i.