Idyll in Lalaguna (poem)


my mind’s eye wanders

drifting aimlessly as night

grows deeper

floating on a breeze

cool, serene

i long for a warmth

i seek it as air lends

slight chill to mortal frame

hoping that the wind

blows strong, faithfully

lending its wings to love

that soft, my words whispered

may float on away

past emerald isle

over corals and blue sea

aloft on clouds of dreams

to gently burst over you

and deliver

those timeless words

of lovers true

that though they do not

reach par

with Shakespearian verse

of sweet words love-laden

we may share

betwixt us two

the ageless, endless

rosy hues

of love

though pummelled by storms

and tossed and thrown

remains unshaken

undaunted and firm

so thus do i dream

of flawless emotion

and thence shall i love

with endless devotion.

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