Musings While Perusing (poem)


It seems the day will never pass

Until I hear from you at last

The phone lies still, no rings emit

As all night long by it I sit

And though I will myself to sleep

Sweet slumber dare not upon me creep.

‘Tis strange I feel the way I do

Is it perchance how you feel too?

How longer yet can I keep still

This heart that leaps by its free will?

The printed letters leap at me

Albeit I try my best to see

The open book before me lain

While visions of you come not in vain.

Words from this page may not stick fast

But thoughts of you shall forever last.

While Celebrating A Friend’s Birthday (poem)



so turns another night to morn

but what night!

i sit alone     

and yet my thoughts are drifting

far over mellow city lights

that lend their glow to silent vigil

with hidden stars and moon

sky shares my loneliness

from parting far too soon

it seems

though miles away you be

you’ll always be beside me

no other thoughts dare hover near

they know they merit no attention

not much ado they matter

but night!

time flies so quickly when you’re around

so slowly when you’re gone

if only time would share my plight

and linger longer when we’re together

not much is there that i can do

to hasten the minutes or still the seconds

what more is there to seek

but wait until

the days bring us yet closer?