Jaunty Jovial June


“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island

One of the delights of living on Prince Edward Island is the experience of June. Although associated with summer and one of the hottest months of the year in most countries, June in Prince Edward Island is, to say the least, pleasurable. The temperature in June ranges in the teens with occasional spikes to the low and mid 20s and nights hovering around the low double digits. If you come from a tropical country like I did, that might sound chilly, since the coolest temperatures in the coldest days of January might drop to 18. Here on the Island, that would be the perfect June day sans rain. We do have the occasional sprinkle or thunderstorm, especially at the cusp of May and June, when temperatures might still drop to single digits overnight or in the early morning. The atmosphere does border on muggy when the higher teens climb to the 20s. The best days are when the temperature remains above 16 and below 23 and the sky is the purest blue from one horizon to another, perhaps a dotting of fluff or even a thin blanket of shredded cotton spread across and over the countryside, a whisper of air ruffling the uppermost leaves and branches of the trees. On such a day, you can go anywhere on the Island, be it the beach, a park, a pond, river, or trail—or even just your porch, deck, or balcony—and bask in its luscious glory.

Merry May (poem)


‘Tis the merry month of May and yet the buds do hide

The ground is soft and mushy brown

In places where the wintry blanket’s thrown

The trees stretch out their knobby hands

The fingertips bulging waiting wanting to bloom

The sun only teasing winking peeking behind the gloom

As the trees stretch out their knobby hands

Waiting to bud in this merry month of May

My balcony blooming while snow still lies on the ground in May 2015

My balcony blooming while snow still lies on the ground in May, ©Cindy Lapeña 2015

©Cindy Lapeña 2015

Summertime in PEI (poem)


When the sun is hot and the sky is blue in summertime

even the birds hide to escape the heat because it is summertime

and the heat can be unbearable. When it’s summertime

on the Island all the folk head for beaches to enjoy the summertime

and escape the heat by soaking in the cool ocean during summertime

or shed their winter paleness with a tan they get from summertime.

All the kids are out somewhere in the parks or beaches through the summertime

or dodge the heat in Empire  8 where movies run more often ’cause it’s summertime

and their moms spend more time shopping for the cool air conditioning

and their dads brave the heat at the greens or the club since it’s summertime

and Boomer warns of rain or the chances of it coming all through summertime.

When the heat becomes unbearable and the the people get irritable in summertime

they could not wait for summer when it was still the winter but when summertime

arrives they curse the summer 30s and look forward to some rain in summertime.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2013