The tail-end of the storm…


The wind was so strong it pushed the snow through the screen on my balcony and covered the glass doors! The snow is knee-deep on my balcony by the doors, where the wind blew it and it caught with no where else to go. Down in the parking lot, the vehicles sit in cozy little wells except for the truck on the end, where the wind has blown the snow up on its side and over the roof of its cab. It’s actually nice and bright outside but the wind still howls and the trees sway here and there, swirling, twirling, confused in the wild north-easter.


snow days and ice days (poem)


can’t see the fine rain
but the tree branches are getting whiter
by the minute collecting ice
on every twig and bough
it’s not so much a snow day
as it is an ice day
with the frosty breath
of winter freezing the spittle of march
on everything it touches.

A winter night (poem)


Wispy wraiths drift lazily across the indigo

Gently grazing rooftops

Catching cottony tails

In the pines thrusting their spears

Into the airy soup

Snowflakes drift aimlessly to and fro

Following a fickle breeze

Brushing against pink cheeks

pink noses wrinkling in delight

Following a fickle breeze

Swirling with lazy snowflakes

Landing on pink tongues

Pudgy fingers grasp in the air

As toddling legs churn up resting snowflakes

That join the swirling white flurries

Waltzing with the wispy wraiths

Around the playful pair

And as the deep indigo fades

The wraiths lay the snowflakes gently


on tired legs

tired fingers

cold noses

cold cheeks

Indigo lips

Of two babes forever asleep

Under a blanket of resting snowflakes

Then drift lazily away across the pale pink

Gently grazing rooftops

Catching cottony tails

In the pines thrusting their spears

At the rising sun.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2007


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