without you (a poem)


my eyes have seen

untold wonders

in yours

reflections of warmth

burning pools of fiery flames

deep fathomless eddies

of unknown

eons of light years

pass as a breeze

with your touch

gently as the wind

riding in gales

crashing torrents

of rain and thunder

blinding lights

of rising spirits

i soar

above clouds

bewinged by love

spirits clinging scanning oceans

scaling mountains

wings folding

gently dropping

rise anew

reaching stars and

the heavens

swirling clouds

hazy skies give in

to blue

the night is filled

sweet sighs

flames grow

winds tearing asunder

what man has joined

i seek

to fly once more

over wind and rain

join wind, join rain

in frenzied dance

clipped wings flutter

helpless, alone