Dance of Joy (poem and painting)


Dance of Joy
watercolour on paper

when you’re happy and you know it

throw your hands up

in the air and just show it

kick your leg up

high behind and then swing it

twirl about and spin

around and just love it

when you’re excited and can’t hide it

throw your body back

and forth and then shake it

sway your hips around

in circles and then twist it

bite your tongue and hold it in

then break loose what’s in and dance it


© Cindy Lapeña, 2011

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I Live (poem)


The body moves

but the soul dances

The voice may be heard

but the heart sings out

The mind invents

but the spirit creates


All art emanates from their creators

All creators live through their art


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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mars (poem)


welcome to the red hot planet

where the lights dance with wild abandon

like the girls on the ledge

and writhing figures on the floor

step to the wild beat of drums

like a primitive ritual dance

where dancers in costumes gyrate


or listlessly (or lifelessly?)

under multicolored flashes

sometimes white

are they paying homage to the screen

where more figures writhe

silently screaming at them?

welcome to the red hot planet

where pale faces

accented by garish paint

more garish in the dancing lights

scream at each other

yet can’t be heard over the wailing

and the drum beats

and the priestesses in black

(against white flesh

made paler by the lights)

offer themselves to the screen goddess

while satyrs dressed like men

try to catch them

is this the new world

the space age

where men go when earth dies?

i’d rather stay on earth.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2012


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